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Julie will evaluate your situation and provide a bespoke pathway that is best suited to your needs.

Please note that Australia's migration laws and regulations are very complex, and as there are frequent changes to the laws, regulations and procedures governing migration you should not rely on the contents of this advice without obtaining further verification. The information contained in this page is made available on the understanding that JT Migration Services Pty Ltd and its consultants are not responsible for the results of any actions taken on the basis of the information supplied, nor for any errors or omissions



Whether you are a small business owner or a medium - large company, Julie can help you with sponsoring (temporary or permanently) an employee to work and/or live in Australia.


Employers Accreditation is the first stage for an employer to legally sponsor an employee.


The ENS (Employer Nomination Scheme) allows employers to permanently sponsor a highly skilled employee or a 457 holder after 3 years.

Individual Working Visas

The 457 Temporary Work Visa is the most common visa for employees intending to work in Australia for a sponsoring employer, up to 4 years per visa.


The 400 Temporary Work Visa is for employees intending to work on a specific project or event on a short period of time, up to 3 months (or 6 in special circumstances).

Individual Skilled Migration

Visa applicants, who have a strong, appropriate tertiary education and who possess extensive work experience in a related field maybe eligible to apply for a skilled visa.


Your career must include a minimum experience of either 1 year in Australia or 3 years overseas.

Family Visas

If you have a partner who is Australian citizen or a Permanent you maybe eligible for a Partner or a Prospective Marriage visa. A partner visa may be granted if you have lived together for 12 months. There are a number of options available for your partner or spouse to sponsor you to remain in Australia.


If you have children settled in Australia, you may consider your eligibility for a Temporary or Permanent Parent Visa.






Citizenship is the final step of the migration process and can be an emotional journey for some people.


Depending on your circumstances, citizenship can be obtained in a number of ways.


Australian Values

The Australian government believes that new residents should be encouraged to learn as much as they can about their new country, its heritage, language, customs, values and way of life and to apply for Australian citizenship when they become eligible.


Please visit the Immigration Department for more details.